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What follows… a lesson from earlier this year that may just be ‘good stuff’ for a great holiday.

May 26th 2018: The picture above? Here’s the skinny… The last couple weeks I’ve decided to “catch” our son Sterling in his simple signature move when we drop him off at school each morning… Didn’t think that much of it at first. But I began to notice how consistently it has happened. Over time. Every. Single. Time.

On good & great mornings, rough & “I’m mad as a hornet and can’t stand you guys” mornings. Happy, sad, super, sucky, and all mornings in between – especially the “I don’t want to go to school and you’re still making me go” mornings (sometimes accompanied by those mad-sad tears). No matter what…

He turns & waves.

I’ve come to see this no-biggie gesture as a BIGGIE! A great example of son to Dad.

In my work, I lose count of the number of times where some form of “I did/didn’t [fill in the blank] because I was mad, or sad, etc.” In short – “because I was feeling…, I…”

And most often the conversations center around some form of rough behavior justified by hard emotions. Yes, we have had a fair share of just such moments in our home & family life.

Yet, Sterling’s Wave reminds me – and I believe all of us – of how possible it is to still do those little things with loved ones to care for the relationship. Even when we don’t want to. And perhaps especially then. In essence,

‘I may not like you right now, but I love us.’

So here’s to my son and a lesson I think he unknowingly offers to all of us. Thanks buddy… I love us too.

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